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Friday, June 19, 2009

5 Creative Things Your Kids Can Do with Your Hair Rollers

One day when my boys were about 5 years old, Nathan found these velcro hair rollers that I never used, and said, "Look mom, binoculars!"
Nathan's rollers: binoculars

Then he said, "Look mom, it's a spy gun!"
Nathan's rollers: spy gun

Next it was "Look mom, I'm George Washington!"
Nathan's rollers: George Washington

Then Mickey Mouse got his turn:
Nathan's rollers: mickey mouse

Ok, I was a little worried at first when he came up with this pose, but then he said, "Look mom, I'm a muscle man!"
Nathan's rollers: muscle man

I still have the hair rollers, but he hasn't played with them in 9 years:)


  1. Hahaha to cute and creative! Stopping by from sits!

  2. LOL! This is so funny! My son plays with my rollers too... :) Hi from SITS!